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I have a treat for you today! I’ve been planning on writing a post about Twitter Chats and I found a comprehensive list of Twitter Chats for your perusal. More on my review of Twitter Chats tomorrow, but here’s a nice little write up from Robert Swanwick:

Twitter chats are simply pre-organized times to tweet on pre-organized hashtags.  They use applications like TweetChat or twebevent to corral just those tweets together and to auto-tag any new tweets with the right hashtag.

The Chat Schedule began as a quick solution so that no one person had to track and manage the information about all the Twitter Chats.  There were only about 25 chats back then.  It has since grown into a list of well over 100 that gets hundreds of hits a day and adds several chats a week.

Everyone from journalists to moms to finance people to Knowledge Management professionals are finding each other and banding together via Twitter chats.  See more info about the Twitter Chat Experience.

I fully expected that someone would write a little database driven web app that would replace the public Google Doc, but perhaps simpler is better in this case.

Thanks to all who run the chats, all who have posted information about chats, and all who tweet the link to the list so that more potential chatters can find one that’s right for them.

View the schedule for yourself and add any chats you know about that aren’t listed.




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